The Fentanyl patch, also called the Duragesic patch or the Transdermal patch, has been linked with over 120 deaths by overdose. Although most Fentanyl patches are relatively safe, the Duragesic brand had some producing defects that resulted in the deaths. Because of the problems that some patients have had with their patches, patients and family of people of people who have died as a consequence of using patches are filing lawsuits against the Duragesic company. In some cases the verdicts have been in favor of the petitioners to the tune of several million bucks in settlements. So , if you or a loved one has suffered due to negligence on the part of the maker, you want to find a Fentanyl patches barrister as quickly as possible.

The Fentanyl patch is composed of 2 layers : an impermeable plastic outer layer and a drug-permeable inner layer. Patients apply the patches directly to their skin where body heat activates the medication at regular intervals throughout a 72 hour period. In between the layers the drug, a tough opiate pain killer, is held in a gel suspension. The inner lining only permits so much mediation to be released into the patient's body. When it works properly, this could be a great system, but when there are issues, death can result.

With the defective patches, there was a problem with the seal between the two layers which allowed more than the prescribed quantity of medication to be released. Although Janssen Pharmaceuticals ended up recalling over 4,000,000 defective patches, some still ended up being used on patients with sad results. Since that time barristers have looked into the problems and determined the company was culpable in that it knew about the hazards that were involved and yet did not release the info in public.

If you or a friend has suffered because of the use of Fentanyl patches, you want to consider hiring a Fentanyl patches barrister to see if you have a realistic case on which to file a suit. These barristers can offer you the recommendation you must aggressively seek restitution from the company who permitted you to get sick or your loved one to die. Since only certain lots of the patches were subject of recall and successive litigation, your barrister will be ready to tell you if you have a valid claim against the maker.

By hunting for a barrister using online resources, you should be able to locate one in your neighborhood that specializes in product litigation. A Fentanyl patch is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. Unless the patient has all the info she needs to correctly apply, store, and dispose of the patches, it can result in deadly side effects. side effects. Only a physician can prescribe the proper dosage of medication based on other medicines the patient is taking, if the patient consumes alcohol, and if the patient is exposed to a great deal of heat. Patches which release too much medication can critically jeopardize the balance a surgeon has sought to achieve.

Folk just like you are fighting the giant pharmaceutical firms and winning settlements all over America. This is particularly true in the cases of people that either suffered major side effects from the application of Fentanyl patches or who had a family member die as a result of using them. The drug companies have been proved to be in the wrong, the courts are finding in favor of the victims, and the people who are filing the court actions are getting the fiscal restitution they so definitely deserve. If you have a valid claim against a drug company, you need to contact a lawyer who makes a speciality of product litigation to get the Fentanyl patches settlement that you should have.

No one should be made to suffer needlessly. The people that Fentanyl patches are made to help are suffering excruciating discomfort from such things as cancer or neurological issues. The last thing they need is more suffering brought on by their pain medication; however, this is exactly what has been permitted to happen to them. Although Fentanyl was approved as a pain reliever for extraordinary lingering agony cases in 1990, the patches had so many producing defects that masses of lives have been either lost or thrown into chaos and distress. These cases should have not ever been permitted to occur explaining why victims are filing for Fentanyl patches settlements.

What do you suppose would happen to you if your failure was responsible for the death or incapacity of somebody else? Besides not being able to live with yourself, you'd positively be sued for everything you've got, and that is the victim's right. As a victim of corporate negligence, you are equally as meriting of filing for Fentanyl patches settlements as a victim of your negligence would be for filing suit against you. It has been proven that pharmaceutical firms knew the risks concerned with using the patches, but they did not make this information known to the public. Instead, they aggressively continued to market the defective products in the interest of high company profits.

People who suffer from sicknesses or from the loss of a friend due to health worries regularly face serious monetary problems as a result. Families, for instance, who lose their main breadwinner are often plunged deeply into debt and made to live in poverty. All this suffering is happening whilst the pharmaceutical companies relax and complacently harvest billions of bucks in profits. There's no reason these trusting victims shouldn't file legal actions in contrast firms to reassure fiscal security for themselves and their families. Essentially, the neglectfulness of the firms in permitting defective products onto the market is both legally and morally wrong, and it must be stopped.

There are a ton of major reasons that you should file a suit in your own behalf or on behalf of someone who died as a result of using Fentanyl patches. You have each reason to fight back and to win a Fentanyl patches settlement to provide money security for your folks. Of course, if these companies had accepted responsibility for the safety and quality of their products, you would not be facing the issues you are now.

By doing a little research on the web, you can see that many Fentanyl patches suits have been filed and won, regularly with spectacular settlements being given to the claimants in the suit by the pharmaceutical companies that produce the patches. These lawsuits contended the deaths of the patients who were concerned were unnecessary and caused by the company knowing the risks of using the patches but continuing to market them in order to harvest the billions of dollars in profits the drugs were bringing in. Obvious failure like this is intolerable, and folk are standing up to battle the companies who put greediness above the well-being of the patients.

If you have a loved one who died as the result of using a Fentanyl patch, you should seriously think about filing a Fentanyl patches legal action of your own. There are some barristers available who are experienced in product litigation and who can aggressively go after these culpable firms in your behalf. Pharmaceutical companies have certain responsibilities to the public they serve, and the US executive has laws designed to hold them responsible. So , you do have rights, and if you do not help put a stop to these shady practices, who will?

In one Fentanyl case, a young mother died after wearing a patch to control the agony of reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is a neurological disorder. This woman was wearing a patch that had essentially been recalled a little before her dying. In fact, her hubby received a letter right after her demise from the pharmacy that had sold the patch advising him of the recall. Here was a death that should never have occurred. During that same year, an investigator turned up information concerning producing inadequacies and quality assurance problems within the facility where the patches were made. The lady's man received a settlement of $16.5 million., but no quantity of money could atone for her sad death.

In 2007 the Wake Forest Medical School assembled a listing of the most threatening drugs that were currently being dispensed in the U.S. Fentanyl was 2nd on the list. As a consequence of their findings, alerts were sent to doctors per safety cares which need to be followed when using this tough opiate derivative. These cares included teaching patients per the indications of a probable overdose, the right way to apply the patch, reactions of other prescription medications while using the patch, a way to guarantee children, and correct strategies of storage and disposal. However, this drug was licensed by the FDA in 1990 without any of these guarantees being in place.

Many Fentanyl patches lawsuits have been filed based on the fact that the rights of the patient were violated by the laxity of the pharmaceutical company to advise patients of these mandatory cares. These deaths could have been prevented if the information about the risks involved with the patches had been broadcast in a more timely manner. In the case of your loved one, don't you believe you owe it to them to stand up for their rights?.

Filing a Fentanyl Class Action Damages

by admin on April 16, 2009

If you have lost a friend due to defective Fentanyl patches or have experienced significant complications due to use of the drug, there's something you can do. Many lawyers became concerned in filing Fentanyl patches class action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical firms which make the patches, charging them with failure in advising patients and their caregivers about potential hazards of using this form of medication.

The discomfort killer used in these patches is very strong and dangerous, and though the patches give amazing relief to people suffering from chronic, serious discomfort, the companies were remiss in both the manufacture and release of defective products. If this has occurred to you or somebody you cared about, it may be be that you have a valid claim for filing a Fentanyl patches class action lawsuit.

Fentanyl patches contain a potentially-lethal Schedule II opoid medication. This potent medication is meant to be sealed in a pouch that may release it continuously over a period of 72 hours. However, some of the patches that were manufactured have a cut along the side of drug reservoir which is sealed within the patch. As a consequence, the medicine is being released into the pouch the patch is housed in where patients and caregivers may be exposed to the actual Fentanyl gel. Overexposure to the drug may lead to heavy health issues, such as respiratory problems, decreased blood pressure, coma, and death.

The FDA started looking into reports it received of overdoses and deaths that were attributed to Fentanyl patches as early as 2005. The inquiries have been ongoing since that time leading to a number of product recalls and alerts issued to the public. Since the patches contain very strong narcotic drugs, patients need to be properly educated in their use and disposal. Directions must be followed to the letter, or issues could occur. Symptoms of Fentanyl overdose include fatigue, respiring difficulties, the inability to think, difficulty walking or talking, wooziness, and confusion.

Fentanyl overdoses are serious business, and many barristers have got concerned in helping people who have suffered due to company neglectfulness by filing Fentanyl patches class action lawsuits in their behalf. A class action lawsuit gives you all of the representation you deserve but at a substantially lower price than filing an individual claim. All this means is that you are joining a group of folk with similar claims in order to seek well-deserved restitution from the pharmaceutical company. The barristers who are filing these suits are convinced that their clients have valid claims based on the negligent behavior of the companies.

Even though the issues with Fentanyl patches have been addressed for a number of years now, more issues still exist and more recalls have taken place. It makes you ask why companies who know that their products have caused the deaths of many patients are still issuing patches for public use that have serious, potentially-life threatening defects. This behavior is absolutely unsatisfactory and irresponsible. The most recent recalls involved products that have expiration dates in late 2009. It is time to take these firms to task by filing Fentanyl patches class action lawsuits against them. Even though a financial settlement won't bring back a loved one, you will be striking a blow at the company responsible for their death.

Fentanyl Patches Class Action ?

by admin on April 16, 2009

Firms have a responsibility to the public to produce products that are safe to be used. Anything less than this is criminal and should not be permitted to occur, especially with products like prescribed drugs which can seriously impact the health and well-being of the patients who are depending on them. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration acts as a buffer between the corporations and the people in making an attempt to protect public health producing defects, and they usually are ready effectively do so. However, once the FDA approves a drug it deems safe, it cannot be responsible for all of the firms themselves can do so.

Lethal defects and poor QC are being sited in Fentanyl patches class action lawsuits all over the country. The drug was approved for use back in the early 1990s, but since that time faulty producing has ended in lots of deaths and scores of patients experiencing serious side effects. Even though no legal action can bring back someone that is deceased or take away suffering and incapacity which has already took place, a lawsuit can effectively strike a blow in the name of justice. Pharmaceutical firms shouldn't be permitted to get away with gluttony, negligent behavior and lack of quality guarantee.

Fentanyl patches class action legal actions are the least dear way to seek restitution against a drug company. Individual suits can be extraordinarily costly. With a class action suit you'll be joining others who have experienced similar problems with the same drug company. These suits are much less dear, because everything is being done in behalf of hundreds of clients. Research and expert affidavit can be sorted for all of for all the claimants at one point, and petitioners will only pay the attorneys involved if they are successful in winning cash settlements.

Attorneys who prosecute Fentanyl patches class action suits have found that not only were the companies culpable in quality controls, but they also promoted these defective products through aggressive selling techniques and seriously misrepresented the risk associated with their use. These corporations knew what they were doing was unethical, yet in the interest of their $1.3 bn. Yearly sales of the drug, they selected to withhold crucial info and to promote the potentially-fatal patches. It's hard to understand how company executives could place company profits before the fitness of its clients, but that is what they did, and it is little wonder that many people are challenging their decisions.

If you or a friend has suffered due to the faulty choices manufactured by these companies, you deserve to be able to fight back by demanding financial restitution. These firms must be held accountable for their actions, and only people like you who have bonafide claims against them can hit them where they'll feel it, right in their profit margins. By taking part in a Fentanyl patches class action lawsuit, you'll be able to win the settlement you have coming to you and strike a blow for consumers everywhere.